Vision and Mission


To Lead Vascular Care In Indonesia


  • To establish and maintain appropriate programs of continuing education and professional development in all aspects of vascular surgery and endovascular surgery.
  • To organise and conduct scientific programmes relating to vascular and endovascular surgery at the Annual Scientific Meetings of the Indonesian College of Surgeons and on such other occasions as may be decided upon from time to time.
  • To improve the quality and practice of vascular and endovascular surgery.
  • To promote and represent the professional development and interests of vascular and endovascular surgeons, and to represent vascular and endovascular surgeons on medico-political and industrial issues.
  • To encourage basic and clinical research in vascular surgery.
  • To encourage publication of scientific work and research in vascular surgery.
  • To provide a forum for the presentation of scientific and clinical subjects in vascular surgery.
  • To facilitate and regulate the training of vascular surgeons in Indonesia.
  • To assist in the development of vascular and endovascular surgery in the region and to encourage international collaboration in vascular surgery.