•  1973 : Vascular Surgery Division was established in Indonesia
  • Prof Djang Djoesi arrived from Netherlands after finishing his doctoral studies in vascular surgery
  • 1976: Murnizal joined the vascular surgery team
  • Dominant treated-cases were: Buerger’s disease, Varicose veins, Aneurysms, Peripheral arterial diseases
  • 1996: ISVS (PESBEVI) was established and later on entered (Association of Indonesian Surgeons)
  • 1996: ISVS joined ASVS à 2nd Congress in Seoul, South Korea
  •  Afterwards, Murnizal, Hilman Ibrahim, Dedy Pratama, Suhartono, Prof Djang Djoesi, and Prof Soeparwata started a curriculum for trainee in vascular surgery
  •  Now, the number of Indonesian Vascular Surgeon are 36 vascular surgeons